Mission Statement

To provide the customer a professional service at a reasonable price for expertise in the specialized areas of EEDs and Thermal batteries and their use thereof.


Ordnance Power Solutions provides

Engineering Design services for the specification, design, development, qualification and production of Electro-Explosive Devices (EEDs) and Thermal Batteries which are used mostly for military applications. Knowledge and use of these unique devices is something not learned through any formal education institution but only acquired by experience.

The company acts as a seamless bridge between the manufacturer of EEDs and Thermal Batteries and the end user ensuring a successful integration into the end product in a minimum amount of time at a minimum cost.

About us

  • Owner's Background

    Jim Ewell served 4 years in the US Navy where he was trained and worked as an Electronics Technician on aircraft radar systems. After the Navy Jim pursued formal education and received a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering Degree from Fenn College of Engineering at Cleveland State University. Jim continued Graduate engineering studies at Northeastern and Boston University in Electrical engineering and Computer Engineering.

  • Early Work Experience

    Jim started work at a major defense contractor in the Boston area on surface to air missile electronic systems for the US Army. Jim next worked at a defense contractor in Ann Arbor, Michigan making US Air Force communications satellites and also worked on grants with Johns Hopkins Applied Physics lab on non-detectable ASW systems from US Navy air borne platforms. Later Jim worked for an OEM supplier of electronic control and sensor modules for the three largest automobile manufacturers in Detroit. This provided Jim with high volume design and manufacturing production experience.

  • Specific EED & Thermal Battery Experience

    The majority of Jim's 32 years of experience involved a smart anti-tank weapon for the US Air Force. The system utilizes over 100 EEDs of 7 different types and over 50 thermal batteries of 4 different types in which Jim was involved and/or responsible for every phase from initial specification to final system level acceptance testing.

    Jim was considered the resident expert for these devices prior to his retirement. Jim formed his own company to assist this new generation of engineers employed at the end user defense contractors. Jim also can be utilized by the original manufactures of EEDs and Thermal batteries to understand the intended end use so the correct product can be designed and delivered.

  • Recognition in Professional Forums

    Jim's knowledge in understanding how Thermal Batteries should be used was captured in a paper he authored and presented at an International Power Sources Conference which is held every other year to identify the latest advances in battery and other power sources.

    Jim also participated in as industry forum, hosted by the United States Undersecretary of defense to understand and address the criticality of the supply chain of EEDs and Thermal batteries for support of the US defense sector.

  • International Experience

    Jim has acquired years of international experience with foreign developers and manufacturers of EEDs and Thermal Batteries which could be the perfect conduit for either a US end user seeking a foreign supply source or a new developer internationally trying to enter the US market place. Jim is familiar with the challenges the end user can face which trying to source internationally especially trying to meet any Offset Obligations.

Our Services

Ordnance Power Solutions offers a wide range of services as detailed below

  • Instruction and Education of EEDs , types, how they work, their limitations and advantages

  • Instruction and Education of Thermal Batteries, types, how they work, their limitations and advantages

  • Creation of a Specification and/or Requirements Document for an EED or Thermal Battery

  • Support any meetings or design reviews on how the End User plans to incorporate the EED or Thermal Battery into the new design or replacement into an existing design

  • Creation of a SOW for an OEM supplier to design, develop, qualify and produce a EED or Thermal Battery

  • Creation of a Program plan to design into the end product (or replace a current component) a EED or Thermal Battery

  • Support and/or conduct the Supplier Assessment Phase where all are potential suppliers are evaluated and rated on many factors

  • Support any part of the EED and Thermal Battery program plan such as Preliminary Design Review, Design Verification Testing, Critical Design Review, Qualification, System Level Integration testing

  • Support Top Level meetings between End Customer and the End User


  • Whether the need is at the IRAD level for definition of whether a particular EED or thermal battery can be utilized to perform a specific task or at the full rate production level for replacement of an unreliable component or one that has become cost prohibitive Ordnance Power Solutions can help.

  • Ordnance Power Solutions has the experience and knows the family of products that each major worldwide OEM supplier offers to recommend a course of action. Ordnance Power Solutions can examine the intended use and advise areas to reduce risk (technical and schedule) and cost.

  • Ordnance Power Solutions can work with the client to craft a specific detailed plan to achieve the successful result.

  • Ordnance Power Solutions can also support the worldwide OEM Suppliers at specific trade shows where end users are in attendance looking for EEDs and thermal battery solutions. Ordnance Power Solutions offers the "End User" Perspective based on 32 years of experience on a major highly successful Smart Weapons program.

Contact Us

If you are interested in utilizing any of the Ordnance Power Solutions services described or require more information on a particular service please use one of the contact methods below.

Jim Ewell - President & Owner

Email: jim@ordnancepowersolutions.com

Phone: 603-327-7213 (country code 1)

Mail: Ordnance Power Solutions 18 Maxwell Drive Derry, NH 03038